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Listening to each other’s stories the key to Australia Day

Sydney – 21 January 2022

More than 500 local community events and activities will be held around the country on Australia Day 2022 with the support of the National Australia Day Council (NADC).

The Assyrian National Council of Australia (ANC) will host Australia Day Celebration Dinner at Monamor Reception in Fairfield, on 26th January 2022, about one hundred guests were invited due to Covid restrictions, including Members for Federal, State and Local Government. The event will be Live streamed to reach all Australians, encouraging community members to get together to reflect, respect and celebrate Australian together.

The evening will include welcome to country, Smoking Ceremony and Cultural Performances by Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council, followed by well-known Assyrian singers and Assyrian Folkloric dancing groups.

Hermiz Shahen, ANC president said, Australia Day is an important national day to reflect and celebrate who we are as Australians. doing something Australian like getting together with family or friends or going to a local community event is what Australia Day is all about. It is also a day to appreciate the diversity and unique identity of Australia and understand more about Aboriginal Australia and the rich history of the oldest living culture that is still successfully alive and being passed down to new generations.

David David , Vice President of the ANC said, we celebrate thousands of generations of enduring culture, learn more about the Country we live on and listen to new perspectives on our history.

NADC Chief Executive Karlie Brand said that on Australia Day we reflect on the past, present and future, listen and respect each other’s stories, contributions and aspirations and celebrate being Australian together, fair and free.

Mr Shahen said “For Assyrians getting to where we are now wasn’t an easy journey. It was a journey full of challenges, fear and difficulties, as well as big achievements and a lot of support.” it has been a long journey to get where we are, indeed we are very grateful to Australia for giving us the opportunity to live with dignity and peace, that we never had in our own Middle Eastern countries before.

One of the main aims of the Assyrian National Council of Australia is: to Serve Australia at all times and to help secure the welfare of Australia, to promote good citizenship among all people, to help maintain prosperity and peace for all its inhabitants, and to educate our youth to be loyal abiding citizens with full knowledge of their responsibilities as Australian citizens and to respect and abide by the Australian Laws and Constitution.

Wishing all Australians, a Happy and prosperous Australia Day.


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