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Assyrian National Council

(Ideological Principles)

Assyrian National Council

Ideological Principles


The ANCA is to defend, promote, protect and preserve the Assyrian national, political, cultural, economic and indigenous human rights nationally and globally and foremost in the Assyrians’ ancestral homelands (Assyria), against all adversaries that may be either from external or internal origins.


ANCA expressly is not and does not operate as a political party, and therefore, ANCA should never be deemed as such. Instead, the ANCA collective, functions in conjunction and in cooperation with the national political parties, in accordance to the terms of mutually entered into agreements and memorandums of understandings.


ANCA believes that in the matters concerning the Assyrians’ political and socio-economic causes there is a distinct role and function to be fulfilled by every national political party, national institution, learned-persons, the dignitaries of either public or private sector, irrespective of age, longevity of service and/or size of the respective institutions.


ANCA embraces all and every diversity of the Assyrian nation, whether tribal, religious or sectarian. The common denominator of all and every diversity, recognized internationally, rooted historically and supported archeologically is the political identity of “Assyrian”. The Assyrian identity moreover is the “most inclusive” and politically “ the most pluralist” identity, encompassing all constituents irrespective of the underlining diversities.


ANCA embraces all and every ideology, opinion and perspective that is aimed at achieving the Assyrian Cause, regardless of its source and origin. There is a time and a place for each of the perspectives to take lead role and ANCA may lean towards those perspectives that result in the most benefit for the nation, at the lowest and most manageable level of risks that may be endured by the Assyrian nation.


The ANCA mission is perpetual through eternity, commenced from inception of the nation’s struggle to regain the Assyrians national and territorial rights, through the establishment of national institutions for the functioning of national affairs and for the preservation of optimal Assyrian freedoms in most democratic and representative manners at post the procurement of the Assyrian national and territorial rights.

The constitution of ANCA, as a collective, shall provide operating ways and means for the members of the ANCA executive board, advisory board, organizers and activists to function in the most effective ways to fulfil the ANCA mission. From time to time, the ANCA constitution may be amended in order to provide the ANCA organization optimal operating efficiencies. The ANCA constitution may not be amended to cause change in ANCA mission and purpose. 

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