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A public announcement were made at the official opening of the Assyrian New Year Festival organised by the Assyrian National Council – Australia on 1st April 2022, by Senator Kristina Keneally , Deputy Labor Leader In The Senate, Shadow Minister For Home Affairs, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, and the Honourable Chris Bowen MP Shadow Minister For Climate Change and Energy, that an Albanese Labor Government will provide $500,000 in funding to the Assyrian National Council (ANC) for a dedicated office in Western Sydney.

The Assyrian National Council being a highly respected by service providers, community members and politicians from both sides of the aisle.

Assyrians face persecution in their homelands of Iraq and Syria, most recently at the hands of ISIS. Australia, and Western Sydney in particular, has provided refuge for many Assyrians for decades. Organisations such as the ANC are essential to the preservation of their rich culture and assisting new migrants in settling into their new home in Australia.

An Albanese Labor Government will partner with the ANC in providing $500,000 to build on the services they deliver.

The funding will primarily go towards renting office space, purchasing furniture and office equipment and the storage of records, as well as assisting in the coordination of programs and events that they organise, including today’s Assyrian New Year Festival at Fairfield Showground.

It is important that our newest Australians can continue to celebrate their culture and contribute to the fabric of our great multicultural country.

The ANCA would like to thank the Albanese Labor Government for their promise of assistance and trust to the services provided by our organisation for the past 50 years in Australia. wish the Albanese Government success in their coming election .

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