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Assyrian National Council -Australia Stands in Solidarity with Armenian People

Media Release

Sydney-19 September 2022

The Assyrian National Council - Australia condemns in the strongest terms Azerbaijans most recent illegal attack on Armenians civilians within the internationally recognised territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Turkey is supporting Azerbaijan in its campaign of violence against Armenian Christians. More than 1,300 soldiers have died on the Armenian side of the conflict alone since September 27, 2020, when Azerbaijan launched an offensive to retake the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Christians in the Middle East are facing systematic campaign of massacre, destruction, and continuously paying the price as a consequence of the silence of the International Community.

Armenia is the only Christian country left in the Middle East, which is why it is under attack. Turkey is repeating the same mistakes of the past, the policy of continuing the Armenian genocide and a policy of reinstating the Turkish empire. The world ignored Turkey's genocide of Armenians and other Christians a century ago. It would be a tragic mistake to ignore it again.

We are standing in solidarity between the three nations, Armenian, Assyrians and Greeks the survivors of the infamous and horrific genocide during 1915 at the hands of Ottoman Turkey and to keep the promise to continue united as we demand justice.

The Assyrian National Council - Australia adds its voice to the freedom loving people of the world in calling for the immediate intervention by the United Nations, the International Community, and the Australian Government to stop the Azerbaijani and Turkish aggression against the Republic of Armenia.

Hermiz Shahen




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