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Execution of some young innocent Assyrians in Iraq in 1985 outraged every Assyrian in the world, including those living in Australia.  This resulted in a general call for Assyrian organisations to come together and forget about all their differences.  The first action in this general assembly was to assign a temporary working committee from among themselves to carry out needed activities.  This committee worked hard for about 5 years and finally decided to establish a permanent committee under the name of “Assyrian National Revival League”.  A working procedure was prepared by this committee and was presented to all Assyrian organisations for review and approval.  In July 1990 the procedure was finalised and approved for immediate action.  One of the essential items in this procedure was to initiate and establish a Federation, consisting of delegates from all the organisations.


With continued effort of the Assyrian organisation delegates, a constitution for Assyrian Australian National Federation was prepared immediately and finalised by the executive committee to be presented to the authorities of New South Wales, Australia for review and approval. 


In January 22nd, 1993 the constitution was approved and the Federation “AANF” was incorporated in NSW, Australia.


The objectives of the Assyrian Australian National Federation as set out in our constitution are:


  1. To help unify all Assyrian groups


  1. To inspire in our membership a sense of responsibility and to develop leadership for the preservation of our Assyrian heritage and culture


  1. To respect and cooperate with all duly recognised Assyrian religious, social, political, cultural and athletic organisations


  1. To promote the teaching of the Assyrian language, culture and history among our people


  1. To sponsor educational activities for Assyrians


  1. To assist students of Assyrian extraction and the needy, aged and displaced Assyrians by providing monetary and financial assistance and/or counselling in respect of insurance, housing and personal problems


  1. To act as a liaison between the Assyrian community in Australia and the Australian government with regards to matters relating to:


    1. Protecting and defending of the Assyrian name and reputation in Australia and throughout the world


    1. Statistical information in relation to the Assyrian community in Australia


    1. Assistance by obtaining grants of aid, financial or otherwise for the welfare of the Assyrian community in Australia


    1. Immigration policies and issues relating to the Assyrian communities in Australia and throughout the world


    1. Making representations on behalf of the Assyrian community in the State and Federal Parliaments


  1. To act as a liaison between the Assyrian communities and any foreign government and media group in Australia and abroad


The following clubs, associations and community groups are currently affiliated with Assyrian Australian National Federation:

NSW Babylon Cultural Association

Assyrian National Council - Australian INC

Assyrian National Centre

Assyrian Charity and Educational Community


The AANF every year holds events and functions to remember, cherish and celebrate the important Assyrian days such as 7th of August - designated as Assyrian Martyrs day, 1st of April - Assyrian New Year and October long weekend - Assyrian convention in NSW.


To obtain further information and/or other enquiries, please send emails to:

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